Hello, I'm Tamara!

I am a Vancouver-based product designer currently building solutions for immersive and spatial technology at Circuit Stream.

My journey into the design realm began as I navigated my way through what used to be my marketing career. While marketing has a user-focus similar to product design, I became more interested in the other side of the user journey — namely, creating and delivering the value of the product rather than informing or selling the value of the product. By being exposed to both sides, I always aspire to craft design solutions that are grounded in deep research and user empathy in order to create meaningful experiences.

I love tackling design problems and I get a thrill in bringing order to complex systems. My interests in the design space lie in design systems and product strategy. When I'm not designing, I love to dabble around with SwiftUI, and read books to feed my curiosity in the product world. Otherwise. you will likely find me on the hunt for new local breweries, or traveling and documenting my trips through Instagram ↗.

I love talking to other design + tech people — both to learn, and to share what I know. If you’re looking to chat, I’d love to hear from you!