Mixed Reality Platform: Uncovering Value in Analytics

Circuit Stream, April 2020 - June 2020


System Thinking
User Research
UX Design




UX Designer (1)
Full-Stack Developer (1)

00: Overview

Context & role

The Circuit Stream platform is a solution that gives enterprise customers the tools to host, deploy, and measure augmented reality and virtual reality experiences through the cloud.

Analytics is the core and most valuable piece to the Circuit Stream platform, mostly used to gain insight on usability and engagement. However, while the platform is able to measure and generate effective data, the way analytics is displayed lacks conclusion and evidence, where we're not able to provide our users with immediate actionable insight.

As the lead designer on the team, I worked on developing the strategy for a more effective and insightful Analytics experience, removing the manual work of data analysis for our customers and ultimately increasing value of Circuit Stream's platform.

By understanding the types of decisions and actions our enterprise customers would like to take with the data, how might we reframe our analytics to drive immediate insight to increase conclusion and evidence?