Financial Planning App: Simplifying a Finance System

Congruity, August 2019 - March 2020

Congruity is a personal finance system that aims to increase financial knowledge for planning, budgeting, tracking & saving.


System Thinking
UX Design
UI Design




UX Designer (1)
Software Engineer (1)

00: Overview

Context & role

In 2019, I lead the design direction of the mobile app for Congruity. As a contract position, my role involved less product direction, and more product quality.

Working collaboratively with the Founder, I spent most of my time aggregating preliminary research conducted, while scoping out the spreadsheet that contained all the formulas and reports that mirrored the back-end of what the product looks like today. This was done to turn it into a coherent information architecture – namely, determining where to structure key features, what information to display to users, what features to eliminate (or hide), and what the flow should consist of to gain the most financial value.

In parallel to my intensive work on the information architecture and user experience, I also worked on the visual identity and user-interface of the product. As someone who comes from a non-finance background, it became my goal to fully-empathize with users who also lack financial literacy, by transforming a complex yet important system into one that is simple and easy to use.