Congruity is a personal finance system that aims to increase financial knowledge for planning, budgeting, tracking, and saving.


Product Designer
Information Architecture
Journey Mapping
Product Prioritization
Interaction Design UI Design






8 months

Due to a non-disclosure agreement, I am not able to publicly share the research or outcome of this project, but I’d be more than happy to discuss the details I can during an interview.


Context & Role

From August 2019 until March 2020, I lead the design vision and product direction of Congruity — a personal finance system — by helping build a consistent system for their mobile and desktop platforms. When I joined the team, the preliminary user research had already been conducted; this was accompanied by a spreadsheet document that mirrored the back-end of the functions the platform would have produced for the end user.

My role involved aggregating the user research to understand the user requirements and goals. To achieve this, I spent time digesting the features, equations, and functionality of the spreadsheet in order to turn it into a comprehensible information architecture — namely, determining where to structure key features, what features to eliminate, the flow of the user, etc. In addition to this, my work focused on building the visual identity of Congruity, including a logo, icons, and avatars. Because I come from a non-finance background, it became my goal to fully-empathize with users who also come from a non-finance background by transforming a complex yet important system into one that is simple and user-friendly.