sphvere is a platform that aims to foster connections between entrepreneurs who don't have access to the resources needed to build their projects and collaborators who are eager to use their skills to support projects they are passionate about.


Product Designer
Concept Ideation
Interaction Design
UX Design
UI Design
Visual Design






1 Year

Because this project has not been made public yet, I am unable to disclose details about this project or my work at this time.


Context & Role

Working closely with the engineers, product managers and business managers, my role at sphvere involved leading the product direction and design of the web-app version of the Platform from the ground up. During my time, I defined the requirements and road map of the product, in order to craft the necessary features and user flows for a first MVP experience. My work focused on defining the information architecture, designing the user flows, and crafting the user interface design to shape the branding of the company.